EIT Manufacturing Master School @ Polimi

What does the EIT Manufacturing Master School offer?

The EIT Manufacturing Master School at Politecnico di Milano is a European double master’s degree programme in collaboration with other leading universities, offering different study tracks to provide innovative, customised and industry-driven knowledge and the ultimate skills in order to shape the future of manufacturing.

We aim at attracting top talents and further empowering them to become leading manufacturing innovators and entrepreneurs.







Students will attend the first year at Politecnico di Milano (entry university) and the second year at another University in Europe (exit university).

In 2 years and with 120 credits, the EIT Manufacturing programme leads to a double degree (a distinct master’s degree from each of the two universities attended) and to the EIT certificate, issued by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, which summarises the specific characteristics of this advanced-level education.

Why an EIT Manufacturing Master School?

Top Technical Universities

Strong integration of technical education in Europe’s premier universities with a business oriented strand for entrepreneurial education

Education, Research and Business Integration

An overarching network through EIT Manufacturing business partners, companies and research institutes to help students accelerate their innovation development

Pan-European Community

A true sense of community and inclusion for a network of trust which brings together students, teachers, researchers and dedicated staff across universities as a unique distributed educational network at European level

International Mobility

Flexible combination of organizational and geographical mobility across our Pan-European ecosystem to expand students’ network, enhance learning opportunities in constant dialogue with business and industrial partners

Team Building

Team-building events for all the EIT students in the form of “School and Camp” at European level (i.e. Kick-Off event, I&E Summer Schools, Graduation Day) and global Alumni network


A merit-based scholarship programme to attract and sustain the best talent worldwide, always granting total exemption from local university fees