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Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility

Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility

What is this programme about?

Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility (AM) is a combination of studying manufacturing science including physics of additive manufacturing processes, mechanical design including exploiting the design freedoms enabled for more customized products and services, and production management including the flexibility enabled for smaller lot production.

What are the areas of application?

Typical application areas of AM include rapid prototyping, flexible pattern and mold manufacturing, lightweight systems, and flexible manufacturing systems. During the programme students will gain new skills in these areas.

A student who graduates from the Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility (AM) shall be able to:

  • critically, independently and creatively participate in strategic work to meet manufacturing related problems and to be able to relate these measures to sustainable social development
  • implement the gained engineering expertise in AM to create new or improved methods, techniques, products, and services in the field
  • think beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to find innovative solutions to real world problems and to come up with new ideas
  • draw up plans and to make decisions foreseeing future consequences from a scientific, ethical, and societal perspective
  • turn innovations in the area into feasible and successful business solutions
  • profitably work in teams and multidisciplinary contexts by taking into account all relevant elements
  • showing effective decision making and leadership abilities

What is the first year syllabus at Polimi?

  Master degree framework at Politecnico di Milano: Mechanical Engineering

First SemesterECTSSecond Semester
Technical courses (44 ECTS)
Additive manufacturing8
Advanced manufacturing processes10
Applied metallurgy6
Control and actuating devices for mechanical systems9
6Machine design
I&E Minor (16 ECTS)
6Managing technology disruption
10Design and management of production systems